Server Update – 7/26

Jul 27  T. West  

Features/Additions Numerous Gang Access/Options changes/Future Proofing Multiple storage fixes Drug Overhaul – unprocessed sells for less. Process that stuff! Set stage for new phone release (hopefully this weekend) Fixes/Updates Tweaked blackout effects (more realistic/longer to come out) Fixed numerous spelling/grammatical […]

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Server Update – 7/23

Jul 23  T. West  

Features/Additions Toggle-able Player IDs – Press and Hold F11 to display Player IDs. They will be hidden by default for immersion. Added floating text instructions to courthouse – Instructions how now to not interrupt and how the pat down procedure […]

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Server Update – 7/17

Jul 17  T. West  

(Some of these features were introduced piecemeal over the past few weeks) Features/Additions 64 Slot/One Sync introduced late June. Numerous bugs that are not able to be overcome. Waiting on FiveM to push fixes for these known issues (traffic, frames, […]

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Server Update – 6/24

Jun 24  T. West  

Features/Additions Courthouse Added No trials will be held until next weekend most likely Pending procedure and selection of roles Plat+ Cars added (almost done with the new ones!) 1980 Ford Bronco Mudslinger Contender Custom Pickup 2017 Ford GT Hennessey Venom […]

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Server Update – 6/17

Jun 17  T. West  

Features/Additions Donor Shop added for all Gold Tier (and above) Donors w/ Handpicked Cars from West/Bullet (Located in Paleto) Nissan Custom FairladyZ Shelby GT500 Audi RS6 Nissan Silvia S14 Lamborghini Urus 1970 HS Camaro Chevy Corvette C7 1966 Corvette Stingray […]

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Server Update – 6/6

Jun 06  T. West  

Features/Additions New Sandy PD Basement, modeled by our own GrizzyAFK (Richie Dickerson) – no more booking five criminals in a 10’x10′ room! Wolfgang Fight Octagon in Mirror Park for All-Out Brawl Events (Hope EMS is on Standby) Added Invoices for […]

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Server Update – 6/2

Jun 02  T. West  

New Features New Vehicles! Koenigsegg Agera Mazda RX7 Liberty Walk GTR Mercedes CLS63 Porsche Carrera GT Nissan 370z LEO Silverado LEO Ford F350 King Ranch Short Box Civ Delivery Jobs! Start in Chumash for legal jobs and Paleto Bay for […]

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The Staff Team Grows!

Apr 07  T. West  

We’d like to recognize and welcome the following community members to our ‘Moderator’ team and wish them the best as they assist the community: 3L-304 Crockz 3L-364 C. Rowland 3L-388 B. Pierson 5H-524 W. Houston 5H-528 F. Arlington 5H-536 D. […]

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