Server Update 1/12/20

Jan 12  M Frame  

New Features: New Whitelisted Gang “Little’s Family” New Whitelisted Gang “Dangerfields” New Pacific Bank Robbery Female EUP vests, etc Fixes/Updates: Fixed Large Text with Doors Script (New PD doors, etc will lock soon) Fixed Back Alley Issues Fleeca Robberies should be fixed More Discord Logs for Admins/Mods Drug script updates

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Server Update 12/30/19

Dec 30  M Frame  

Features/Addons: – NEW HUGE Multiple-Level PillBox Hospital! with working beds! You can lay down in the beds! Check-In system to come soon! – New Paleto Medical Center!– New Paleto Fire Department!– New Properties! a) Over 450+ properties to choose from, […]

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Client Zoom Fix

Dec 23  M Frame  

We run a server side map for postal codes. This will cause your FiveM client from not being able to zoom in right. This file is the fix for that issue. All you do is put it into your FiveM […]

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Server Economy Wipe

Dec 22  M Frame  

Today, the 21st of the 12th Month, of 2019.. we did an Economy Wipe. Come join and play with us in this fresh, new economy. Also, our CAD is currently down. We are looking at Alternative options. The one we […]

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Server Hotfixes 8/21/2019

Aug 21  T. Byrd  

Hotfixes Early Respawn changed to $7500 (Now quit bitchin’) Fixed death timer, 10 minutes to early respawn or wait another 5 to bleed out and force respawn Fleeca Bank Robberies should be working Pacific Bank Robbery should be working Known […]

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Platinum Plus

Jun 05  T. Byrd  

On Friday, June 7 at 10:00 PM CST, Platinum Plus will be opened again for a limited amount of users. Platinum Plus will need to be placed through the “Donate” tab, here on the website. We will be accepting 5 […]

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Server Update 5/26/19

May 26  T. Byrd  

Added Binoculars (In extra shop @ Ammunition) – /bin to use Fixed Camaro, Caprice, f350, charger, jeep, silverado, evleo, unmarked explorer, skyline handling Added Jeep to Civilian Shop Added Durango/CVPI Skin Added Wolfgang Jackets Multiple Backend misc updates/improves to many […]

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Server Update 5/15 and 5/20

May 20  T. Byrd  

5/15 Update: (Sorry forgot to post!) Updated Inventory Updated Trunk Script Added Several LEO Vehicles/Fixed Handling for some 5/20 Update: Added Parachutes to weaponshop Balanced Bugatti Speeds Added Crown Vic Taxi and fixed AI Fares Misc Text Fixes

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Server Update

Apr 08  T. Byrd  

Today’s Server Update:– New Garage System (Garages everywhere!) – Updated License System (You must have the license for what you are trying to buy. Vehicle License, Commercial License, Pilot License, etc. Breaking the law will have licenses revoked) – Added […]

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Major Update Coming Soon

Apr 04  T. Byrd  

Coming Soon:– Aircraft Shop– Boat Shop– Truck Shop– Trailer Spawner (Buy that 18-wheeler you’ve always dreamed about and cruise Riverside County loaded down) – Licenses Updated (Licenses required to purchase vehicles, trucks, etc) – Purchasable Properties (Apartments, Houses, etc) – […]

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