Server Update 1/6/20

Jan 07  T. Byrd  

Features:– New Taxi Shop Interior– New Taxi Meter (Use Insert for now) must have the taxi job. (Let’s you set your fare, so you can see how much to charge them when you get to your destination!)– New ATM Robbery […]

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Server Update 1/2/20

Jan 02  T. Byrd  

Features/Additions– Prison Overhaul (new cell block, courtyard, cafeteria, jobs will now reduce time, will no longer get stuck inside, looking to hire a new warden! As well some secrets for you to discover etc. more to come soon!) – Garage […]

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Server Update 12/28/19

Dec 28  M Frame  

Features/Addons:– New Car HUD.– Multiple Character Selection at start.– Added discord Rich Presence (Now shows playing in GrizzlyRP and not FiveM).– Reworked Jail (with more coming soon) Work in jail reduces time.– Removed Radar (Minimap) when on foot.– New Street […]

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Server Update 12/11/19

Dec 16  T. Byrd  

Features/Additions The Train is now visible and working! Sandy Shores Hospital addition! Paleto Police Department additions! Paleto Hospital Interior added! Danger field Mansion implemented Satans Wolves club, dock, and yacht introduced Racetrack added Yakuza house implemented New prison rework New […]

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Server Update 11/17/2019

Nov 17  T. Byrd  

Features/Additions New/Updated LEO Vehicles Tattoo shop update New back alley (max of 10 drugs can be sold to the dealer with 5 at a time) The ability to lockpick cuffs so find who sells them and drag to use when […]

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Server Update 10/18/19

Oct 19  T. Byrd  

Features/Additions New Drug Effects (Be careful not to overdose) New Field Trauma Kit! (You can now perform CPR on your buddies. Purchase a kit at your local store. Doesn’t always work tho) Added New Police Duty Belt/Vests Added New Police […]

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Server Update 10/6/19

Oct 06  T. Byrd  

Features/Additions New animation while pulling weapons out. Cops have a different animation, as they will now pull weapons from their holster. New animation: “talk on the radio” emote, toggleable with ALT (we suggest cops use this animation while speaking in […]

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Server Update 8/20/2019

Aug 21  T. Byrd  

Features/Additions New Drug Dealer Script New Black Market Script New Fuel Script (Going to have to exit that vehicle to fuel up now, #sorrynotsorry) New “Grey Market” for guns (not as good as the black market, but accessible by all) […]

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Server Update 8/3/2019

Aug 03  T. Byrd  

Features/Additions Added 2 Palladium Vehicles– Lamborghini Aventador SVJ– McLaren Senna New Police Vehicles New Phone– Twitter moved to Phone, no longer in chat– Added more Realism to calling police, you need to provide a location now when calling Fixes/Updates Tweaked […]

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5/4/2019 Server Update

May 05  T. Byrd  

Sandy PD Update (Helipad, etc) Fixed the Vehicleshop Memory Bug (Shouldn’t have texture fixes after exiting) Fixed the Police Shop Memory Bug (Shouldn’t have texture fixes after exiting) Removed /repair from Sandy Airfield Moved the Impound to Sandy Airfield Mechanic […]

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