4/21/19 Server Update

Apr 21  T. Byrd  

Small Server Update today: – Fixed R1 so you can change colors – Fixed LAPD Charger Front License Plate – Changed Lock System to /lock– Changed Anchor to (Left Shift + L) – Added FD Ladder Truck – Added FD […]

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Server Update 4/14

Apr 15  T. Byrd  

Updates today: – New Vehicle Lock Script (Keybind is F9) – Fixed Weapon Shop Ammo (Weapons give 120 ammo and blackmarket 250 ammo) – Added Weapon Clips (30 ammo per), Oxygen Mask/Tank, Dark Net (Can contact one another via phone), […]

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Server Update! 4/12

Apr 13  T. Byrd  

Updated Garages (Moved Police Impounds, added garage to Dragones) Added Donator Vehicle Shop and vehicles for Platinum + donators (At new race track) Added New Inventory UI Added back clothing options for LEO Start Bonus reduced to 100k Fixed Multiple […]

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4/2 Server Update

Apr 03  T. Byrd  

Small update today Added:– In-game Server Info, Rules and Commands Use /help /rules or /cmds– Welcome message

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Server Update 3/31

Mar 31  T. Byrd  

Whitelist:– Added back Shops below Del Perro on the Whitelisted Server, so the server is truly “Statewide”– Added Golf (may be slightly buggy, recommend not using golf cart) Work in Progress:Adding back Robbery Locations to City area Both Servers:– Changed […]

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Public 1 Updates

Mar 24  T. Byrd  

Updates/Fixes! Route 68 Forest is back! We cut them down and then had a change of heart. Moved Opium/Meth collection location Moved Opium processing location Added boat rental at Tatavian Reservoir Altered drug prices to be more similar (leave no […]

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