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    v chem deyela! , I’m Nikolai Petrovich . I come from south broker in liberty city , in a little area called hove beach. I moved to los Santos in about 2013 after trying to get my life together after some tragic events a few years earlier .I dont really talk about it, but I used to work for Enterprise Car service on the corner of Cisco Street and Iroquois Avenue in broker .
    see, back in 2007 I had just finished a nice trip to Los Santos and hadn’t been in liberty city in over a week . the owner of the cab depot told me his cousin was coming and that I wasn’t going to be needed for a while , while he showed him the ropes . (I was still young slav , so I didn’t mind extra time to drink).it wasn’t until maybe a day or so before I was supposed to start working again ,I was watching weazel news and cursing neighbor vadim for not returning things he borrowed. I hear tires , yelling and glass breaking. I look out my window just in time to see a man throw a molotov into an upstairs window in my building..
    I heard these men speaking russian as they drove off.
    I knew my boss lived in the building some where , but I knew he was at work , I tried to call him , but the phones werent working. it was by this time i remembered how cheaply our building was made , as i could already feel the heat from the ceiling .grabbed a few things , clothes , vodka , Kalashnikov mama told me my grandpa used to kill germans in Stalingrad , babushkas recipe book. slav basics.. throw it all into my blista compact and take off towards the depot …i can see the smoke before i get to the depot and realize its on fire too.. i can only to this day wonder what those serbs did to piss off the russians so bad.
    my mother told me she knew about these gangsters and did her best to keep me from these people , I was even home schooled (that’s why even being born in america I still have an accent) she always had a particular disdain for one of the mobsters name kenny petrovic , she always said it was because he made our name look bad . I always just assumed it was because they were spelled so similarly . but she talked about him so much , it was almost like she knew him .
    Eventually I got hired at downtown cab company . that worked fine for a while . and eventually I was offered a job in los santos for downtown cab company..I was excited to go back to los santos! they didn’t tell me that the job was in blaine county. so I got a house in grape seed . got a cab , and a decent bmw.
    I’ve made a few friends. luckily no enemy’s. I’ve even managed to branch out into other ventures , like giving tours of sandy shores , even my friend Pedro loans me his taco truck from time to time .
    so thats a little bit about me and how I got to be a permanent resident of los santos. use the cab app on the phone to get a ride . I usually tweet when I’m on duty , or when I’m giving tours or selling tacos

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