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    What up fam,

    Just wanted to see whats good, and introduce myself. My name is Omar Old English, I was born and raised in Arabi, New Orleans aka St Bernard parish. I’m not a loud talker and a firm believer in don’t start no shit won’t be no shit. I first a foremost want you make you laugh and smile, but I also carry a Heavy Hand for anyone that wants to go there. You will see me around town and I hope i get the pleasure of meeting all of you some time. Be Ez


    Background Info:

    Omar grew up with a younger brother and a single mom. It was a low income family situation and every day was a struggle for his mother. Her strength and character was something to be acknowledge and is what made Omar the hard, but easy going guy he is to this very day. Omar grew up in right outside downtown New orleans in what some would call the calleo projects. Nothing came easy and dealing at a early age was very common. Omar dealt for the Byrd Gang until age seventeen when he began using his blackbook of friendly females to start a prostitution ring. Omar did not have to have a heavy hand with his ladys cause he always protected them and paid well. But this line of work and dealing on the side took a toll on omar, and eventually caught up to him and he served 7 years in Angola Prison for Running said prostitution ring, and distributing cocaine. He was able to get his mother and younger brother out of the hood with the money he saved, and upon his release joined he moved to Los Santos to make a fresh start.

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