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    Nicky Reed

    Nicholas Buchanan Reeds grew up in Philadelphia with his mother, father, and younger brother. Nicky’s mother was Caucasian, while his father was of black descent. Nicky and his small family lived in the ghetto areas of Philadelphia, where he attended school at the Philidelphia Public School. Eight months after Nicky had turned ten years of age, his father was sentenced to twelve years in prison, with the possible chance of parole – he was sentenced for selling illegal firearms, and the intent to sell narcotics. After the death of his brother, Nicholas followed the same footsteps as his father and grew a popular profile for selling drugs in the ghetto areas of Philidelphia.

    After Nicholas had turned eighteen, he had his first illegal arms’ deal in Los Angeles. Following his successful arm’s deal, Nicky decided to move to L.A, as both drugs and weapons are far more easy to sell and are worth much more than those in Philadelphia. Four years after his successful organized crime career, Nicky was caught by the FBI during an arm’s deal setup. He faced nine years in Bolingbroke Penitentiary Prison and was sentenced for selling/dealing narcotics, and selling/distributing illegal weapons. Because of this unfortunate circumstance, Nicholas lost contact with both his mother & father.

    After being released from prison, it didn’t take long for Nicky to be back on the streets and selling again. However, for Nicky, it was different this time. He was determined that he would not go back to prison, and under no circumstances, would have to face a situation like that again. Unfortunately, Nicky’s solution was to join a strong, popular gang, The Purps, where to this day, he still sells drugs, still distributes illegal weapons, and continues to wear the color purple.

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