Platinum Plus

Platinum Plus

Jun 05 T. Byrd  

On Friday, June 7 at 10:00 PM CST, Platinum Plus will be opened again for a limited amount of users. Platinum Plus will need to be placed through the “Donate” tab, here on the website.

We will be accepting 5 upgrades from previous donor groups and also be accepting 5 NEW Platinum Plus Members. Totaling 10 new Plat + in all.

Of course all donations are welcomed, rather it be for platinum plus status or not. The server runs around $300 a month and I’ve put well over $1200 out of my own pocket during the first several months to keep the server running! And other admins/mods have put blood, sweat and a few tears into it as well.

I thank you all for playing on GrizzlyRP, keep an eye out for some awesome stuff coming in the future!

* After this round of Platinum Plus members, we will not likely be adding any additional for several months.

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