Server Rules

Server Rules

Mar 23 T. Byrd  

General Rules:
1. Use Common Sense.
2. You must be at least 14 years old.
3. You must have a working microphone.
4. No Cheating or using Exploits.
5. No Trolling (Repeatedly doing things that upset or annoy other players is not permitted)
6. No Ban Evading (Fill out an appeal, attempting to circumvent ban will have it remain permanent)
7. Don’t advertise other communities (Through DMs, etc)
8. Don’t be racist or homophobic towards others.
9. Don’t be disrespectful to other members of the community.
10. Don’t use out of character chat unless strictly necessary. Use /report or discord to talk to admins.
11. Crosshairs are not permitted. We have them turned off to provide a more realistic RP experience.
12. Your name must be realistic – no celebrity names, names with numbers, etc.
13. Must report suspicious activity to an admin. (I.E. Magically getting all weapons in game)
14. Must own a legal copy of GTA:V

Gameplay Rules:
1. Don’t RDM *(Random Deathmatch – Killing another player without reason)*
2. Don’t VDM *(Vehicle Deathmatch – Using your vehicle as a weapon for no reason).* Unless in a valid RP scenario, there should be no reason to kill an individual with your vehicle.
3. Don’t Metagame *(Use of third party communication to spread information about the game out of character.)*
4. Don’t Fail Roleplay – Preservation of freedom and life are important. If a reasonable person wouldn’t do it in real life, don’t do it. Life must be valued. 5. Don’t GTA drive – You wouldn’t drive offroad (in non-offroad vehicles), ramp off of things, ruin your car on railroad tracks, or drive at absurd speeds without a damn good reason. Don’t FailRP when driving.
6. Don’t Combat Log *(Logging out, disconnecting, Alt-F4’ing etc. while in the middle of an RP scenario/admin situation).* If you get disconnected, inform the officer on Discord and attempt to log back in.
7. Follow the New Life Rule (NLR) – when you respawn/die, your character forgets his previous day, and starts without memory of previous events leading to his demise/etc.
8. Don’t Cop Bait *(doing deliberately illegal things in front of the police without good RP reason).*
9. The Fire Department, Hospital, and Clothing Store/Dealership on Rt. 68 are green zones – no murder, shooting, or general roleplay is to take place in these areas.
10. The Police Stations and Courthouse are “light greenzones” meaning that limited outbursts/unarmed violence is permitted.
11. You must not roleplay outside of the Area of Play. See below for more information.
12. No Kidnapping Cops, Stealing Cop Cars, Robbing Cops, etc unless at least 8 cops are online.
13. No Impersonating Cops.
14. No Stealing Fire/EMS Vehicles.
15. Calling Mechanics for a repair, only to to rob them/take hostage is not allowed.
16. Fort Zancudo/Aircraft Carrier is off-limits. Stealing Air Force vehicles is unrealistic. You would be shot.

Full list of rules in Discord.

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  • jordan
    Aug 7, 2019 @ 14:10 pm

    do u need a mic?

    • Olof Vonk
      Oct 28, 2019 @ 9:25 am

      Yes jordan you need a mic how would you be able to rp if you did not have a mic and texting is not a realistic way to comunicate


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