Server Update 1/2/20

Server Update 1/2/20

Jan 02 T. Byrd  

– Prison Overhaul (new cell block, courtyard, cafeteria, jobs will now reduce time, will no longer get stuck inside, looking to hire a new warden! As well some secrets for you to discover etc. more to come soon!)
– Garage Improvements/Fixes (will no longer get stuck in the garage, hit ESC to get out of the menu)
– Impound Overhaul (cars will no longer be in the impound upon taking it out in the garage, police impounding overhauled, cars will automatically be impounded upon server restart if not garaged before hand)
– UI Overhaul (health bar Shifted, VOIP moved to top left)
– Bank Rework (will now be more consistent, more steps added as well as added failsafe’s, bug fixes and improvements)
– More Shops (new legal & illegal shops!)
– Shady Back Alley Rework (prices/sell amount reworked, bug fixes and improvements)
– Drug Selling Reworked (selling/prices changed, bug fixes and improvements)
– Performance Improvements
– Police Job Rework (impounding system overhauled)
– Vehicle lock system Rework (New lock system need to actually own the car to be able to lock it)

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