Server Update 10/6/19

Server Update 10/6/19

Oct 06 T. Byrd  


  • New animation while pulling weapons out. Cops have a different animation, as they will now pull weapons from their holster.
  • New animation: “talk on the radio” emote, toggleable with ALT (we suggest cops use this animation while speaking in dispatch for more immersion).
  • New animation: can now hold your weapon on a holster, toggleable with Z.
  • A buttload of new emotes, hit F3 and try them out!
  • Emotes are now /e (previously /emote) with new emotes added, do /e help for a list of new emotes.
  • New way to cook meth: must buy ingredients at stores (lithium batteries, acetone, sudafed, ect.) as well as have an RV to cook.
  • New way to collect cocaine: must now pick out the raw cocaine leaves (similar to marijuana)
  • New jobs!
    – Legal Jobs: GoPostal, Pizza Delivery, Chinese Delivery, Salvager
    – Illegal Jobs: Meth Delivery, Weed Delivery
  • New ping system, do /ping (ID) to ping your friends! Your friend will then have to do /ping accept to get the ping.
  • You can now take drugs! Each drug has a different effect so try them all! (recommended not to take more than one at a time)
  • Opium collection has moved, good luck finding the new spot!!
  • We’ve moved the Grey Market.
  • You can now rob locals by aiming a gun and hitting R.
  • You now go in a temporary stunned effect when getting shot in the leg.
  • We’ve removed the ability to rob people
  • Melee system has been overhauled! Now you can have proper boxing fights without killing each other in 2-3 hits. 
  • Raised the amount of braces you can hold to

Misc Updates/Back-end Fixes

  • A ton of scripts have been updated/reworked to improve game-play. 
  • Our anti-cheat system has been overhauled to hopefully prevent a ton more naughty individuals.

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