Server Update 12/11/19

Server Update 12/11/19

Dec 16 T. Byrd  


  • The Train is now visible and working!
  • Sandy Shores Hospital addition!
  • Paleto Police Department additions!
  • Paleto Hospital Interior added!
  • Danger field Mansion implemented
  • Satans Wolves club, dock, and yacht introduced
  • Racetrack added Yakuza house implemented
  • New prison rework
  • New updated Court house
  • 10 Million Tree Challenge!
  • Thompson Machine Gun UMP added.
  • Take people Hostage now with /th
  • Carry people with /carry
  • Multiple new Vehicles introduced


  • Ghost Cars Fixes
  • Framework recoded for Performance
  • Being Revived from Officers and being put into the Hospital now Heal your Skeleton
  • Heavy Revolver Nerfed
  • Heavy Sniper animation added – blow away
  • Updated Carbine rifle
  • Mission Row reworked
  • Sandy Shores Police Department reworked
  • Sandy Shores EMS Station has been reverted

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