Server Update – 6/2

Server Update – 6/2

Jun 02 T. West  

New Features

  • New Vehicles!
    • Koenigsegg Agera
    • Mazda RX7
    • Liberty Walk GTR
    • Mercedes CLS63
    • Porsche Carrera GT
    • Nissan 370z
    • LEO Silverado
    • LEO Ford F350 King Ranch Short Box
  • Civ Delivery Jobs!
    • Start in Chumash for legal jobs and Paleto Bay for illegal jobs. Buy the cargo and deliver it successfully for your paycheck. Watch out though, if you’re choosing the illegal path the police might catch wind of the shipment!
  • /me Updates! Now shows above your head! Oooo, immersive!
  • Police Gas Pump!
    • Free gas for our hardworking law enforcement. Choose to steal government gas and you’ll be hit with a very hefty fine.
  • Tons of new police skins! Bigger variety of vehicles for everyone!
  • Penal Code additions! Wheeeeee more money to line my pockets with!
    • Theft of Government Property (our first federal offense), Destroying or Concealing Evidence, Aggravated Battery, Aggravated Assault, Aiding and Abetting a Crime, Impeding Management of a Scene, Destruction of Property, Destruction of Public Property, Possession of Endangered Species, Failure to Maintain Lanes, Felony Speeding (it’s not actually a felony – it’s an infraction), Driving without Operable Headlights, Disobeying a Police Officer, Unregistered Vehicles (there goes everyone’s money), Sale of Alcohol to a Minor, and Illegal Lighting (red/blue).
  • New loading song, carefully curated by West! Quiz the Discord bot up for the name.


  • Tons of backend fixes/improvements/preparation for future updates
  • Numerous vehicle balancing tweaks/improvements
  • Fixed Boat Cruise Control Bug
  • Updated Anonymous/Satan’s Wolves Job Titles/Blips
  • Removed ability for police/ems to sell drugs on duty (don’t worry about misclicking now)
  • Removed ability to sell drugs in certain scenarios (in vehicles, etc)
  • Fixed LHT inventory access
  • LHT can now verify ownership of vehicles
  • LHT torches are now lockpicks
  • Revolver Balancing
  • Tattoo Persistence Fixed
  • Tons of other things I can’t think of at 7am

Coming Soon™: Courthouse, Donor Car Shop (finally!), Security Cams, New Robbery Script, Lawyer Job, Phone Overhaul, Improvements to Database Stability, Improved Tow Invoicing, Removing Player ID Numbers (press to toggle for reports/etc), Continued Civ Job Overhauls, More Guns, and more Bugfixing/Balancing!

About T. West

T. West was the Community Manager and Chief of the California Highway Patrol on GrizzlyRP. West also acted as the project manager for our development team. Traffic stops, running radar, and responding to bizarre scenarios requiring investigation are what he lived for.


  • Jaxon Wilson
    Jun 2, 2019 @ 15:18 pm

    These are HUGE!!! Keep the amazing work up fellers

  • Ricky bobby
    Jun 2, 2019 @ 18:40 pm

    literally amazing this is a huge improvment good work for sure guys <3 all the love to you


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