Server Update – 6/6

Server Update – 6/6

Jun 06 T. West  


  • New Sandy PD Basement, modeled by our own GrizzyAFK (Richie Dickerson) – no more booking five criminals in a 10’x10′ room!
  • Wolfgang Fight Octagon in Mirror Park for All-Out Brawl Events (Hope EMS is on Standby)
  • Added Invoices for Mechanics (for different services/distances)
  • Police Evidence Room Disposal Point (Remove Weapons/Contraband/Dirty Money) – Easily the best update in my five months here. No more swimming out into the ocean…
  • Locking PD Motorpool Gates
  • Garage Paging (15 vehicles per page, multiple pages w/ navigation)
  • On-duty Map Blips for EMS (and added bonus: LEO/EMS can see each other – LEO also got new blips w/ directional markers


  • LEO Vehicle Spawner/Store Reconciliation (each department can now see the appropriate vehicles – no more missing vehicles or need to spawn them in)
  • Nearly all NULL vehicles now display names! We’ve set up a tool to identify any that are still scuffed (these will be updated daily)
  • Trunk fixes – 100% confidence in permanence, should work flawlessly
  • Various fixes to deliveries
  • Teleporter text fixes (PD/Gang Hideouts/etc now display proper names when entering/exiting)
  • Vehicle Garages/Impounds now will not spawn a vehicle if the spot is blocked. This also fixes the car-duplication bug/exploit.

About T. West

T. West was the Community Manager and Chief of the California Highway Patrol on GrizzlyRP. West also acted as the project manager for our development team. Traffic stops, running radar, and responding to bizarre scenarios requiring investigation are what he lived for.

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