Server Update – 7/17

Server Update – 7/17

Jul 17 T. West  

(Some of these features were introduced piecemeal over the past few weeks)


  • 64 Slot/One Sync introduced late June. Numerous bugs that are not able to be overcome. Waiting on FiveM to push fixes for these known issues (traffic, frames, etc).
  • Added in Judiciary Job (for Judges/DAs/ADAs)
    • Court System introduced
    • Still looking for additional staff!
  • Added in shiny new Fire Station in Sandy
  • Added in Lawyer Job (for bar-certified attorneys)
  • Added numerous Fire/EMS vehicles
    • Multiple ambulances (including ALS), brush truck, SUVs, etc
    • New gorgeous livery for all RCFD vehicles by Pittstai
  • Added blackout script for car collisions – ouch, my head hurts
  • Added four robberies in city (make sure AOP is expanded)
  • Added in CDFW Game Warden station functionality in Sandy
  • Added Lighthouse Towing Custom Towtruck
  • Added on/off duty functionality for mechanics
  • Civilian Charger (lots of mods) added
  • Plat+ Mega Ram added
  • New F10 menu
  • Lots more, but my head hurts


  • Fixed dozens and dozens of bugs related to switch to OneSync/64 slots
    • Still fixing!
  • Fixed static bank payouts/balanced all robberies
  • Improved handling lines on numerous LEO/Civ vehicles (plenty more coming) – mostly buffs, couple nerfs
  • Readded Civ Raptor
  • Balanced fish
  • Balanced legal deliveries
  • Moved multiple hidden locations
  • Moved turtle dealer (sorry for those of you that loved the setup on east coast)
  • Added weapons to blackmarket weapons dealer
  • Lots more, but my head hurts

About T. West

T. West was the Community Manager and Chief of the California Highway Patrol on GrizzlyRP. West also acted as the project manager for our development team. Traffic stops, running radar, and responding to bizarre scenarios requiring investigation are what he lived for.

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