Server Update – 7/23

Server Update – 7/23

Jul 23 T. West  


  • Toggle-able Player IDs – Press and Hold F11 to display Player IDs. They will be hidden by default for immersion.
  • Added floating text instructions to courthouse – Instructions how now to not interrupt and how the pat down procedure at the entrance works.
  • Added in Admin Tahoe for dedicated on-duty staff member (who is not roleplaying). All interactions with the staff member in the vehicle will be considered /ooc.


  • Fixed Judiciary Job
  • Fixed handling files on around a dozen vehicles (donor, civ, LEO)
  • Increased speed to more realistic levels on many supercars
  • Added paging to impound lot (for the silly people with over 37 vehicles impounded)
  • Fixed scoreboard ping indicator – now updates properly, is colored, and colors are more accurate for our server (<90 = Green, 90-149 = Orange, >150 = Red
  • Various improvements to CDFW HQ
  • Tweaks to Blackout Script
  • Groundwork laid for upcoming phone! 🙂

About T. West

T. West was the Community Manager and Chief of the California Highway Patrol on GrizzlyRP. West also acted as the project manager for our development team. Traffic stops, running radar, and responding to bizarre scenarios requiring investigation are what he lived for.

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