Server Update 8/20/2019

Server Update 8/20/2019

Aug 21 T. Byrd  


  • New Drug Dealer Script
  • New Black Market Script
  • New Fuel Script (Going to have to exit that vehicle to fuel up now, #sorrynotsorry)
  • New “Grey Market” for guns (not as good as the black market, but accessible by all)
  • New House Robbery Script
  • New Fleeca Bank Robbery Script
  • New Pacific Bank Robbery Script
  • New Jewelry Store Robbery Script
  • New Fast Food Script
  • New Jail System
  • New Medical System
    – You will need to use the correct item to stop your health from going down after being damaged (Currently can buy at 24/7 until we add medical supply store)
    – /userItemOther (Brings up a menu of usable items to treat the nearest player (must have in inventory).
    – /checkskeleton (Checks the nearest players skeletal system)

Misc Updates/Policy Changes

  • Phones will have callable numbers to reach Police Departments
    – Calling 911 will now ring at dispatch in Mission Row (Once city is fully opened)
  • Multiple Individuals can be placed in vehicle cuffed at a time now
  • Early Respawn timer has been changed to 10 minutes (Coming Soon: Will be automatically jailed for combat logging to avoid timer)
  • Early Respawn is now 20k
  • AFK kick changed to 16 minutes
  • Jail Sentences can now reach 2 hours (Do the crime, get the time)
  • No more movement restrictions in handcuffs
  • Less than Lethal Shotguns have been restricted to higher ranks so not every cop is using them

I’m sure I’ve missed some stuff, i’ll add it to the list as I remember

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